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Our Services Can Be Beneficial to You If You Are:

•    Rethinking your career and lifestyle plans due to COVID-19

•    Changing your occupation or job function
•    Curious to know what career paths are best suited for your personality
•    Unhappy or unproductive in your present position
•    Re-entering the job market
•    Facing a layoff, restructuring, or termination
•    Relocating to a new region with a trailing spouse and/or family
•    Questioning the level of satisfaction with your current lifestyle
•    Referred by a concerned friend, colleague, supervisor, or therapist
•    Receiving company sponsored outplacement services and severance package 
•    Planning on retiring in the near future
•    Looking for part-time work or wanting to volunteer
•    Looking to unretire and return to work part-time or full-time





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