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Career Check-Up

If you take a couple of minutes to answer the following questions, you can learn if you could benefit from any career services. Please use a 1-10 scale. There are 10 questions.  Add up your all your ratings and divide by 10 to get your average score.

  1. If you are unemployed and looking for a job, how would you rate the success of your job search, so far ____ (10 means it’s excellent)

  2. Rate the quality of your resume _____ (10 means it’s looks great)

  3. Rate the quality of your LinkedIn Profile ____

  4. Overall, how happy are you in your current job at your company ____

  5. Rate the quality of your relationship with your supervisor ____

  6. On Monday mornings, rate how excited you are to go to work _____

  7. Rate your skills when it comes to conducting a job search _____

  8. Rate your interviewing skills ____

  9. Compared to your peers, doing similar work, rate your overall skills ____

  10. Rate the overall quality of your lifestyle and level of happiness ____


Scoring Key and Recommendations:

9, 10 – You seem to be happy in your work and life and probably do not need any career services at the current time.

7, 8 – You may benefit from those services that address any scores below a 6.

5, 6 – You could definitely benefit from many of the career services we offer.

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