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1. Resumes, Letters, LinkedIn

  • Have your resume and cover letter reviewed, critiqued, and edited

  • Improve your LinkedIn profile to appeal to recruiters

  • Develop a great cover letter that you can then customize for each application

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2. Individual Career Coaching​​
2. Individual Career Coaching

  • Take career tests to focus on viable occupations

  • Create a Career Matrix with industry and job function tracks

  • Complete a Career Action Plan for implementing your job search

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3. Career Testing, Assessment, and Counseling
3. Career Testing, Assessment, and Counseling

  • Take two career inventories: The Self-Directed Search and The Berkshire Career Inventory

  • Career Assessment: Evaluate the results of your tests and determine your CIVIL -- Competencies, Interests, Values, Income, and Lifestyle

  • Identify motivational forces, occupational preferences, and ideal work environments

  • Develop a Career Matrix to help plot your three industry tracks and three top job functions. Complete a Career Action Plan to accomplish your short, medium, and long-range career goals

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​4. Job Search Strategies
4. Job Search Strategies
  • Design an effective marketing strategy for your job search campaign

  • Learn how to conduct on-line job market research and informational interviews

  • Create personal and professional networks for generating contacts and job leads

  • Develop a weekly schedule of job search activities

  • Receive ongoing job search coaching through the various phases of your job search

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5. Interview Preparation
5. Interview Preparation
  • Learn effective ways to communicate your expertise, skill sets, and value-proposition to employers

  • Manage the interview process and develop strategies to handle challenging interview questions

  • Master the art of negotiating responsibilities, salary, bonuses, and other benefits

  • Practice interviewing in video-taped mock interviews, reviewed for analysis and ongoing coaching

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6. Managing Your Current Work Environment​​
6. Managing Your Current Work Environment​
  • Discover ways to enhance your satisfaction and performance in your current job

  • Develop skills to effectively manage supervisors, colleagues, and direct reports

  • Manage work-related stress, anxiety, anger and/or depression in constructive ways

  • Plan effective strategies to promote your value-proposition with your current employer

  • Learn how to best achieve life/work balance integrating work, family, and leisure activities

  • Improve your etiquette skills for business lunches and dinners

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​7. Planning for Your Future
​7. Planning for Your Future
  • Explore and plan opportunities for further education, training, and professional development

  • Create a comprehensive life-long educational, work, and leisure lifestyle plan

  • Design various lifestyle scenarios for your retirement.

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  • Career Coach Consultants are available to assist your company with any individual or group outplacement assignments that you may be planning for the future. We are able to design a custom outplacement program to meet any of your needs. Please contact us if you would like further information and wish to discuss an array of services and options. Please call 909-638-1002 or email:

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