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John Mattson has been my career coach for the past 6 years since I first started working with him in 2014 when I was a controller of a healthcare company. With my background as a licensed attorney, he has helped me to land my previous two positions at a prominent software technology company and in my current position at a university, which resulted in a 56% increase in my salary. Over the years, John has reviewed and edited my resumes, helped me to craft excellent cover letters and position statements, provided effective job search and interviewing strategies, and conducted mock interviews with me; he has also served as an excellent sounding-board when assisting me with my two career moves.

John is not only a great person, but is also a master career coach who makes himself available within 24 hours or less.  He enjoys helping people to see new possibilities and options when people can’t seem to find their way. I highly recommend John and his colleagues at Career Coach Consultants, who can provide their expertise and coaching, which can result in transformational change.

– E. A., Esq. University Administrator

John is an outstanding Career Counselor. It is because of our discussions and his insights that I made the decision to enter the field of career counseling. Our work together also helped me to design my own Independent Graduate program for career management. I think of John often in my own career in Outplacement as I work with senior executives in career transition.

– D. S. Career Coach


It is with great pleasure that I recommend John Mattson. He was the Director of Career Services at Clark University while I was getting my MBA. Upon graduating and moving out to Washington DC, John was of invaluable support to me. He would provide career coaching and guidance to me over the phone, helped me think through different options and worked with me to define short term and long term goals. He was honest, frank and always encouraging. Job hunting in a new city without many familiar faces is a real challenge and John absolutely was a light in that job search tunnel. I've told fellow Clarkies to reach out to him as a great resource as he is very in tune with the labor market and understands the power and results of networking. He is a great career coach and I recommend him to all in search of a mentor, guidance and some spot-on advice.

– V. J.  Former Operations Officer, The World Bank

John Mattson was an outstanding career coach when he did outplacement work with The Career Development Team. As smart and sophisticated as he was (and still is), he was also coachable, flexible, humble, and versatile in developing his early consulting career with us, as well as sensitive and dynamic with the candidates he served. He is a thorough professional in every way, and I am thrilled to maintain his friendship throughout the years.

– E. J.  Educator and Executive Vice President, Career Coaching Company

After working at an engineering and construction company for 23 years and surviving four acquisitions and one bankruptcy, my job was suddenly eliminated and I found myself in a position that I had hoped to never be in.  Now what?  One dream I’ve always had was to go back to school to complete my bachelor’s degree. 


Well my determination paid off and I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.  While in school, I focused on all the right things to help me be more marketable and stand out against all the other candidates—so I thought!  I achieved an awesome GPA, got invited to several honor societies, and was even honored to be chosen to receive the Outstanding Senior Student Award.  When it came time to start my job search after attending resume writing workshops, LinkedIn seminars, and choosing the references that would best promote me -- it just wasn’t happening the way that I had hoped.  What was I doing wrong? 


Obviously, it was time to seek outside help from someone who knew what they were doing and that’s when I contacted John Mattson.  He reviewed my resume and made several suggestions on how I could better arrange my skills to get noticed, how to incorporate the requirements in the job posting into my cover letter, and how to answer those tough interview questions using the STAR Method. From this experience, not only did I gain that resume and cover letter that would get me noticed, but I also developed the confidence that I needed to nail that interview and get the job that I wanted.  Don’t waste any more time, contact John Mattson today—you will be glad you did!

– C.P.  Marketing Coordinator, Civil Engineering Firm

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